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Prenatal Care

Complete Prenatal Care During Your Pregnancy for You and Your Baby at Women's Healthcare of MorristownAs you begin the exciting journey of pregnancy, we will meet with you regularly to monitor the growth of your baby. Below is information explaining what you can expect during your visits with us and the prenatal care you’ll receive before your baby is born.

Prenatal Care Appointments

At your first appointment, we will confirm your pregnancy with lab tests and begin developing a personalized care plan for you and your baby. You can also expect to:

  • Hear your baby’s heart beat for the very first time
  • Receive a health exam
  • Get a prescription for prenatal vitamins and a full list of which medicines not to take during your pregnancy

As your pregnancy continues, you’ll have more prenatal visits, including:

  • Monthly checkups during your first two trimesters
  • Every two weeks when your 28 weeks pregnant through 36 weeks
  • Weekly visits until you deliver your baby

At each prenatal appointment, we’ll monitor your health and your baby’s growth by checking your weight, blood, and urine. You’ll also get to see your baby on ultrasound. Along the way, other tests may be necessary, but we’ll discuss with you any additional testing. During your appointment, we’ll answer all your questions. If you have concerns between appointments, your calls are always welcomed. We want you to feel comfortable and confident as you begin this journey!

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For more information about pregnancy services offered at our office or to schedule an appointment, call (423) 492-7100Click here for more information about our office.

You can also find more information about pregnancy and childbirth, by clicking here.